Countless studies have shown that being outside is good for your overall health. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, time spent outdoors enhances self-esteem and mood and improves cognitive function and memory-related abilities, to name a few of the many known benefits. That’s one of the reasons Options, Inc. decided to develop a new outdoor programming space at our facility in Big Lake. The space is known as “Outside Options.” As we planned this space, we considered design elements that will enrich our outdoor space for our clients and their friends and family. We created an accessible layout that benefits all types of users, with different areas designed for eating, recreation, and relaxation.

Our $250K Goal

Through generous donations from clients and their family members, and our generous community, we have been able to make progress on Outside Options. We have completed work on wide, flower-lined walkways, a bocce court, and green space for people to gather. We still have plenty of work to do to complete this project and our hope is to add a music sound garden, raised bed planters, outdoor seating, and a large gazebo to provide shelter from the sun and rain and a space for classes and activities. We have plenty of work to do to achieve our final goal and we hope we can count on our community to help us get there!

Donation Opportunities

Individual Donor

Any denomination
Community recognition

Community Donor

One-time donation $500-$2,500
Community & social media recognition
Name listed on Options, Inc. website

Feature donor

Picnic & garden sponsorship.
Community & social media recognition
Name listed on Options, Inc. website
Name listed on outdoor garden plaque

Thank you to all of the donors!

Individual Donor

Joe & Krisit Bissonette

Florian & Linda Czech

Andrea Earl

Roger & Jean Earl

Greg & Jennifer Haberman

Kathleen Hinck

Hoilday Otsego #378 Employees

Daryn & Pearl Lehnen

Cody Lund

Rick Lynch

Barb Marsh

Steve & Judy McIntire

Kayla Michaud

Legacy Consulting

Michael & Bonnie Miesen

Modern Day Living

Kip & Connie Nance

Madison Neal

Quarberg Foster Care

Sherburne State Bank Employees

Julie Thomas

Sherman Wells

Jennifer Whitfield

Rachael Wilson

Paul & Joann Zemke

Community Donor

Brian & Susan Barthel

Barry & Barb Fluth

Connexus Energy

Great River Energy

Liberty Paper

Big Lake Lions

Clear Lake Lions

Elk River Lions Club

Buck & Cindy McAlpin

North Risk Partners

Randall & Rose Peterson

Three Rivers Community Foundation of the Initiative Foundation

Gloria Vandebrake

Dan & Colene Verdick

Feature donor

J.A. Wedum Foundation

Big Lake Spud Fest

Anita Sibert

Monticello Lions

 Big Lake Township