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Contact details

Brenda Geldert

Executive Director

Ext. 277

Kelly Dilger

Chief Financial Officer

Ext. 281

Stacie Skalak

Director of Employment Services & Quality Assurance

Ext. 273

Matt Carlson

Director of Program & Operations

Ext. 224

Sara Rivers

Business Manager

Ext. 272

Amy Christensen

Program Manager

Ext. 274

Lynn Krueth

Program Manager

Ext. 225

Stacee Kotsmith

Program Manager

Ext. 270

Kelsey Erickson

Employment Choice Coordinator

Ext. 271

Elena Kammann

Billing Specialist/ Administrative Assistant

Ext. 244

Cristen Shuck

Employment Specialist

Ext. 279

Mahria Berry-Wellman

Employment Specialist

Ext. 267

Krisann Johnson

Community Employment Coordinator

Ext. 232

Alicia O’Malley

Day Support Coordinator

Ext. 226

Amy Ogram

Community Coordinator

Connie Nance

Employment Specialist

Ext. 229